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Waterbed PRIMO  Box
Waterbed PRIMO Box

2195.00€ 1756.00€

Waterbed DREAM with foam
Waterbed DREAM with foam

3849.00€ 3079.20€

Waterbed PRIMO Deluxe Split
Waterbed PRIMO Deluxe Split

2065.00€ 1652.00€

Waterbed Basic Line
Waterbed Basic Line

1835.00€ 1468.00€

Waterbed Premium DELUXE
Waterbed Premium DELUXE

1960.00€ 1568.00€

Watermattress Aquatube
Watermattress Aquatube

1985.00€ 1588.00€

Light water mattress Anatomic
Light water mattress Anatomic

1453.00€ 1162.40€




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Light watermattress orthopedic- la Maison du Dos
1926.00€ 1540.80€macaron
Lightwatermattress Anatomic- la Maison du Dos
1453.00€ 1162.40€macaron
Airmattress Airgo Trend - La Maison du Dos
Air Mattress with X Dura overlay and remote control
5 years guarantee
1745.00€ 1396.00€macaron
Air matress Vita select - La Maison du Dos
Air Mattress with overlay and remote control
6 years guarantee
2112.00€ 1689.60€macaron
Connected Air mattress Airflex  - La Maison du Dos
Connected with bluetooth Air Mattress with overlay an wellness Programs
12 years guarantee
2390.00€ 1912.00€macaron
Waterbed Victory Basic - La Maison du Dos
Made in Danemark
2198.00€ 1758.40€macaron
Waterbed Nightline - La Maison du Dos
Waterbed from Danemark
2110.00€ 1688.00€macaron
Waterbed Dream Split - La Maison du Dos
Waterbed with not flat vinyl
2865.00€ 2292.00€macaron
Waterbed Dream wjth foam - La Maison du Dos
Waterbed with foam stabilisations
3849.00€ 3079.20€macaron
Chicago waterbed- La Maison du Dos
Waterbed Chicago with headbed and two bigs drawers.

On the foto you can see also two others optionals possibilities
5260.00€ 4208.00€macaron
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